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I don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that okay?

It's totally okay, neither do I! Whether you're a modeling pro or need step-by-step guidance we will work right on through! Please feel open to talk to me about any insecurities or reservations before your session. We can pick out flattering outfits together and I can send you some personalized poses I think you would look amazing in.

Can i do a sesssion that isn't highlighted on your site?

Absolutely! I'm willing to try anything once and will be very honest with you if it's something I don't think I would be best suited for. We can work together!

I need my photos soon, how quick can i get them back?

It depends on the shoot, but for a small fee, I can work overtime on your photos and get them to you as fast as possible! This option is excellent for anyone who needs photos for a bridal or baby shower, birthday party, or a gift! Let me know if this is something you might need!